Effective staff management and decrease in costs for the payroll fund.
Запись на демонстрацию
Форма записи на демонстрацию системы
Количество сотрудников для построения расписания
Направление деятельности
Участие в демонстрации бесплатно
Comprehensive approach to the management
Forming the precise forecast and determining the recruitment needs including AHT and Service Level.
Forming schedule and tasks allocation taking into account skills, rules of work, limitations and norms set in the organization .
Changing and optimization of schedule, searching replacement in case of sick days, user account for an employee.
Forming reports through report builder, export work schedule data in unified form T-13
Area of application
Contact centers
Increasing the effectiveness of operators' work, targeted Service Level is being accomplished, multiskilled-operators are being taken into account and expenses for Payroll fund are decreased.
Shopping stream analysis, planning of shop-assistants' work and cash registers opening, tasks allocation in the retail space taking into account rules, skills and customized drivers.
Back offices
Building schedule for employees depending on skills, rules of work and limitations.
Implementation in numbers
What results our customers achieved after OptiSystems WFM implementation.
5-20% saving of Payroll fund
Due to effective allocation of shifts our customers can better use working time of employees
40% more accurate
Due to application of several statistical methods system form more precise forecast
80% faster
Due to overall automation efforts for work with schedule and control over employees are decreasing
Customers about us
Использование OptiSystems WFM позволило нам систематизировать работу с планированием нагрузки. Операторам удобнее работать с расписанием, количество ошибок уменьшилось. Подробнее...
Paramonova Anna
Business Analyst of the Dodo Pizza unified contact center
По результатам проекта мы добились увеличения производительности на 8,3%. Стоимость обработки контакта снизилась на 13%, а показатель CPO (cost per order) на 6%
Татьяна Орлова
Руководитель площадки клиентского обслуживания Ozon
Значительно сократилось время и при этом возросло качество планирования. При выполнении целевых показателей по доступности удалось повысить эффективность использования ресурсов более чем на 10%. Подробнее...
Георгий Чудаев
Руководитель ЕКЦ Согаз
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